Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Summer Is Here

It wasn’t long ago when summer made its first true appearance here in Helsinki after the long, cold, and dark periods of winter and early spring. Exactly then arrived Dave Dill’s latest album Follow the Summer (2007), and it made a perfect soundtrack for that magical moment.

Dave Dill’s music is sunshiny pop characterized by those beautiful 70s-sounding keyboards and some awesome, rocking guitar work that brings Queen and 10cc to mind. Multitalented, as he is, Dill performs all instruments, singing, and almost everything else (compositions, production, recording), too. One of Dill’s assets is his nice, warm, and expressive singing voice.

Happily Ever After and Don’t Remember represent the more rocking, Badfinger-influenced side of the album. Meanwhile, Perfect There is an example of how Dill creates a heavenly and peaceful atmosphere, an actual mental image of summer – just like The Beach Boys and the great 60s sunshine pop groups. The acoustic guitar plucking and good harmonies will make you feel like you’re lying on a sunny, white beach with all your worries washing away.. That is really one amazing feeling, simply triggered by music. One of the most important reasons why I listen to music is that it can actually bring you a happy feeling through your ears. It’s such a great thing.

Never so Beautiful is a wonderful waltz. For me, the title track Follow the Summer/Pink Skies is also one of the highpoints of this album. The summery feel is very much present and the song and the melody sound really pleasant. Actually, all songs on this album are good. Together the songs are even stronger than when listened separately.

All in all, this album was a very pleasant experience. Great songs, great sounds.. Even the cover art is beautiful, it captures the spirit of this wonderful album.

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Franko6677 said...

Hi there, I like your blog a lot! I also wrote about Dave Dill on my "Vinyl Goldmine" blog. Good stuff! I will link to you on my site.

Melody Freak said...

Thanks Franko, I really appreciate it. I like your blog, too.