Thursday, July 24, 2008

A New Star Is Rising

I’m very happy to say that I just played my first gig.. It was yesterday at a private party that was arranged by my dad’s friend and his wife. The happening was dubbed “one of Europe’s smallest country music festivals” which meant that I played country music at the gig.

Originally, I intended to go to this “festival” to help my dad as a roadie, and listen to some great country tunes. As my dad’s band was missing both their lead guitarist and bass player at the time, it became possible that I might be needed to fill in the band with some instrument(s). I was presented to the audience as a cowbell player. As one probably might not expect, I didn’t play cowbell at all during the set. Instead, I was invited to the stage to play acoustic guitar, and later bass.

It was cool to perform. I wasn’t nervous at all, and it really felt good having some real musicians play with me. I played about 6-8 songs including On the Road Again, True Love Travels on a Gravel Road, and Wonderful Tonight. The strange part of it was that I didn’t know the chords to a couple of the songs, and no one had them written down.. It wasn’t actually that bad, however.

So, this really was my first gig! I had performed to relatives before but this time there were only unknown people in the audience. The gig apparently went so well that my dad told me that the band might need me to fill in some other time, too. Here I am, turning into a country musician before I’ve even got to know very many country artists.. I’ve surely listened to my dad’s band play numerous times, but my knowledge of country music in general requires some serious further studying.

Obviously, my dream about a pop band of my own has to wait (since I don’t even have friends who might be interested in playing pop-rock).. I don’t mind. Playing country music is awesome!

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