Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Brain Teaser – Especially for You

The blog is not dead yet – although I’m not so sure about myself. However, just in order to get something new done, here’s a nice powerpop video from Green Day! You can check your powers of observation by watching this. Press play and try to follow what happens! Then tell me how it went, if you like..

I’m not sure if anyone is really interested in blogs that don’t contain links to free music, but I just have to remember the main point of this blog: the most important thing is that I am interested.

Here’s the video for Redundant. Very nice!


jay strange said...

its hard to know if people are interested in blogs without own blog art into dust covers some of the same ground as you do and i dont do downloads either...but what the heck its something fun to do....ive added your link to my blog by the way

Melody Freak said...

It indeed is hard to know if anyone is interested. People only seem to comment if you first share some music with them.

I think it's a lot more interesting to read someone's own opinions about music instead of seeing the same AMG reviews everywhere. Free music is understandably cool, but I like opinions, discussion and personal analyses more.

Thanks for adding my blog to your links! I added yours, too.