Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Even More Overjoyed

THEY ARE BACK AND I JUST FOUND OUT! Who, you ask. Well, of course The Sun Sawed in 1/2. The band's entire discography has now been released on iTunes, as well as other material, including live tracks and rare recordings. SS1/2 is also going to record a new album and release it track by track in 2010. This means there is going to be a new song every month. Wow.. What a year. I can't wait!

I feel dizzy.. Still, I already listened to samples of several Sun songs I'd never heard before. Suddenly there is new old stuff and soon new stuff available... There is really no doubt that they are my number one favorite band.

Tim says he has written his 12 best songs ever. THE BEST songs. My goodness, I just might be listening to this band every day even in 2070 and drool as much then as I do now..


The Sun Sawed in ½ on iTunes


jay strange said...

this is truely great news i love this band

Luca said...

Thanks for the post. We (the Sun) will be in Boulder, Colorado in October recording at Coupe Studios (Widespread Panic, The Fray, Rose hill Drive) with our Fizzy Lift line up of myself(Tim Rose), my brother Ken on bass, Doug on vocals (as always) and Matt Martin on drums (Fizzy Lift, Bewilderbeest). The first song will be out in January. Just a peek at the titles:

Kiss Dizzy
This Girl's My Lullabye
You're Getting Warm
Nowhere Fast
Making It Up to You
Elephants Into Swans
My Only Lonely Soul
You're The Something
She Offers Her Heart
Countess I Fear Something's Wrong
Brittle Star
Hobby Horse

Some of the demos are available on iTunes but they are just of me and a drum machine, nothing near what we have planned :)

-Tim Rose
The Sun Sawed in 1/2

sunsawed said...

Kiitos hyvää!

sunsawed said...

En puhu suomea.

- Ken Rose

Melody Freak said...

Thanks Tim, you're the best. Wonderful titles, can't wait to hear the finished versions!

And Ken, you obviously do speak Finnish! Excellent :D

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news! Can't wait for the new album and hopefully a tour through the Washington DC area.