Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Other Wilson Brothers

I really like Dan Wilson and his former band Semisonic. However, I haven’t paid much attention to Dan’s brother, Matt Wilson. So, when I heard a song called Alone by Matt’s current band The Twilight Hours, I was impressed right away.

I’ve been enjoying Semisonic’s music already for a few years. It started from F.N.T., one of the grooviest songs I’ve ever heard. I also purchased Dan Wilson’s solo album Free Life some time ago. Many people already know that Matt Wilson founded a band called Trip Shakespeare back in the 80s and Dan also joined the band later. After Trip Shakespeare the brothers have had their own projects. I haven’t listened to Trip Shakespeare or those other Wilson bands/projects much yet so I guess I should do just that.

Listen to this song by the Twilight Hours and then get the album Stereo Night. This stuff is simply magical – very, very good songwriting with tender melodies and lovely, organic sounds. It is great to hear how much alike Matt and his brother are. Both have a plenty of talent, write great songs and sing soulfully. To cut a long story short, that is real beauty!

The Twilight Hours on MySpace
The Twilight Hours Facebook fan page
The Twilight Hours Official website


jay strange said...

i agree the twilight hours is a wonderful thing and ive always loved semisonic....trip shakespeare were a totally unique band in my eyes...very special indeed..start with Lulu its a stone cold masterpiece......

Keiju :) said...

The expression "the Other Wilson Brothers" is hilarious.

Melody Freak said...

Thanks Jay, I'll check out Lulu as soon as I can!

Keiju.. I guess "The Wilson Brothers" would have been somewhat misleading... Dan and Matt are after all Wilson brothers, so why not refer to them as "The Other.." to avoid confusing them with the more famous Wilsons?

Well, I'm glad you like my heading. Be sure to listen to the song, and perhaps something else too... ;)

Priscilla fagundes artesblogs said...

verry sorry !!!!!you the bautifull