Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fab. Very, Very Fab.

As you already know (or at least should know), The Sun Sawed in 1/2 is back and going to release a new album next year, one new song every month. And since I don't seem to think about anything else these days (well, almost anything..), I'll give you bloggers something to do while waiting for the new Sun stuff. First of all, you can go to iTunes store and listen to the band's music. It's all there, including many rarities.

The band now has a nice Facebook fan page where you can get all the latest news about this magnificently talented group as well as watch some videos and pictures. New stuff is downloaded nicely often. Anyone can join this site by clicking Become a fan. If you are at least a bit interested in this band, do it now!

I will probably start a tradition of celebrating the 17th of March as the day when I actually saw this band for the first time (see my post from that day, Overjoyed). I had seen a couple of pictures but a 2D view is only 2D. Sometimes adding color to footage will also bring out some cool surprises…

So, check out these following tunes from the band’s 1997 album Fizzy Lift – my favorite album of all times, gorgeous material! Denny’s Girl is a music video the band made in the late 90s, other songs have been illustrated with live material and some other interesting stuff…

Denny’s Girl
Starting to See

Here’s a clip that includes excerpts from some of the band’s greatest hits. In the end you can hear a sample of a brand new SS1/2 song (It is a demo but it sounds very finished already, if you ask me…)!
The Sun Sawed in 1/2: Now on iTunes

Some earlier stuff - a lovely interview from 1991 with performance of a song called Tangerine Queen

And DON’T forget Come Sail Away!

The Sun Sawed in ½ on iTunes

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Even More Overjoyed

THEY ARE BACK AND I JUST FOUND OUT! Who, you ask. Well, of course The Sun Sawed in 1/2. The band's entire discography has now been released on iTunes, as well as other material, including live tracks and rare recordings. SS1/2 is also going to record a new album and release it track by track in 2010. This means there is going to be a new song every month. Wow.. What a year. I can't wait!

I feel dizzy.. Still, I already listened to samples of several Sun songs I'd never heard before. Suddenly there is new old stuff and soon new stuff available... There is really no doubt that they are my number one favorite band.

Tim says he has written his 12 best songs ever. THE BEST songs. My goodness, I just might be listening to this band every day even in 2070 and drool as much then as I do now..


The Sun Sawed in ½ on iTunes