Monday, June 6, 2011

An Exciting Comeback

I feel like I don't get anything done with this blog. The only thing to do now is to try to make it make it better - despite all the other (more important?) things. A new post, say, every two days is not such a chore. Gee, why do I think it is? And I always have lots to say..

I was quite excited to hear that The Cars have returned, and it is not The New Cars, it really is all the original living members of the Cars: Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes, and David Robinson. I should get the new album right away. Now that I think about it, why haven't I already?

Here is a new single and video from the album Move Like This.. I feel quite thrilled... As if nothing has really changed about the Cars since the 70s/80s and that is the way it should be. Wonderful, wonderful.. I really didn't expect this and I hope to get the album soon!

The Cars website

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