Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pop'n Roll Energy from the Past

Now here is a real gem! I have been listening to this CD many, many times during the past few days and don't mind at all hearing it several times in a row. Skipping tracks is not necessary at any point! Sorrows were a New York band, formed in 1977. Half of the band (Arthur Alexander and Jett Harris) had been members of the Poppees before. With Joey Cola and Ricky street added the band rocked both live and on vinyl.

Guitarist/vocalist Arthur Alexander described his band's sound as “ABBA meets the Sex Pistols”. This description sounds quite good even though you could also describe Sorrows having a typical late '70s/early '80s power pop sound. Beatles influence is obviously strong and some of the more hard rocking material reminds of the Undertones or Cheap Trick, while the music also sounds like Paul Collins Beat and other power pop bands of the era. Also the Flamin' Groovies and even Sparks come to mind occasionally.

This is the first time any music by Sorrows has been released on CD. Bad Times Good Times is a worthy addition to any collection of good pop-rock music. Even though some of the material was, in fact, rescued from a demolition dumpster, the sound of this release is perfect. Even the demo/live stuff sounds good. The songwriting is of great quality, every song is catchy, and a real kick-ass pop'n roll spirit is present. Get it now, while it still is easy!

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