Friday, September 30, 2011

New 60s Favorites, Part Two

Red with purple flashes. That is how guitarist Eddie Phillips has described the Creation's music. The Creation are my latest 60s favorite number two. This band came from the UK and was founded in 1966. The Creation were a short-lived band but achieved quite a lot during their short period of existing as a band. These achievements were not chart-topping hits but instead many excellent mod, garage and psychedelic rock songs that are still living pieces of some of the most energetic British music of the era.

Originally I decided to check out this band due to its alleged influence on power pop music. I had these two compilations, Complete Collection, Vol. 1: Making Time and Vol. 2: Biff Bang Pow, in my possession for some time before the time was right to discover the wonders they contained. These CDs include all music by the band made in the 60s with some different mixes and versions.

I was fascinated by Nightmares from the very beginning. That song is a good example of the certain kind of dark mood that is sometimes present in the Creation's music. I don't know exactly what made it a bit difficult to hear the beauty of this music... Listening to it more was surely the thing that made it open up to me. There is after all a lot to process: a lot of harmonic sound, lots of great songs, lots of different influences.

I have been listening to the first CD more and come to appreciate the stuff very, very much. Everything is solid, well-written and has a pleasant, somewhat heavy garage sound. The combination of melodic British beat music tradition is mixed with rhythm and blues and often psychedelic elements resulting in really impressive, soulful, catchy and memorable music. The mysterious psychedelic feel is also quite enjoyable and there are excellent vocal harmonies.. Check out Making Time, Tom Tom, How Does It Feel to Feel, If I Stay Too Long, All That I Am, the successful single Painter Man, or any other song for the matter! This really is pure kick-ass rocking 60s magic.

The closest counterparts to the Creation are obviously the Who, and perhaps the Kinks. Listening to the Creation can actually momentarily make you feel like you're listening to the Who. The sound can be very similar to the early Who. I think I'll need to dig deeper into this mod music, as well as freakbeat.. and garage.

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