Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sugar, Sugar, More Sugar

First, it was Ohio Express, then 1910 Fruitgum Company.. Recently I’ve been focusing on The Archies, an animated bubblegum/garage band of the 60s that lived in the Archie universe and appeared in a TV show called The Archie Show.

The music in gorgeous! There’s plenty of light-hearted sweetness, absolute catchiness, songs about sugar and pretty girls.. It is the most wonderful antidote against the rainy weather, darkness and coldness of early fall. Just like with all the other bubblegum bands I’ve listened to so far, the quality and entertainment value of the music is very high throughout an entire 24-song compilation (I managed to grab a release called Sugar Sugar..).

Sugar, Sugar has been heard a thousand times already, but it’s still good. However, it takes about two minutes to find equally good (or better) Archies songs. I’ll mention Feelin’ so Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O.), Who’s Your Baby, Bang-Shang-a-Lang, Sunshine, Jingle Jangle, Sugar and Spice.. Today, a random song suddenly popped into my head, and I soon realized it was an Archies song called Bicycles, Roller Skates and You. I had listened to that song once five days earlier. My brain surely functions in weird ways, but that song is very good, I must say.

I really don’t know where you could properly listen to these bubblegum bands on the internet. I recommend using your nearest library. That’s what I do.

Update: YouTube seems to be a pretty good source of Archies music! You can even find songs that have never been released on LP or CD there.

The Archies at YouTube
The Archies at

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