Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Positivity, Positivity!

Before I go on to blab more about bands and music, I hereby post another music video. It is a song by Egotrippi, one of my favorite Finnish bands (which I previously discussed last October). The idea of posting this just happened to cross my mind... And since it's one of the most hilarious videos ever made, you might enjoy it even if you can't understand Finnish.

Egotrippi had been around for more than ten years before they really started to draw attention in Finland. Nowadays their albums sell well and they attract big live audiences. All in all, they are the most popular power pop band in Finland. Curiously, the band never really became popular with ultimately happy songs such as this (the song is from 1997). That says something about what kind of music Finns seem to like to hear.

And, by the way, Se on tosi jees means approximately "That's Very Cool" (In fact, "jees" means "yes", but a word-to-word translation "It's Very Yes" wouldn't sound that good..) . The song is very happy and it's about things like making the clouds disappear from the sky and not being worried.

Egotrippi at MySpace

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