Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Swedish Mod-60s Returns

Remember when I advertised a Swedish 60s pop band called The Hep Stars last December? Soon after I wrote that, I found some statements about what the coolest Swedish 60s pop band actually was. There were surely many awesome Swedish pop bands in the 60s, and I even might blab more about some of them later… Anyway, according to my sources, the best pop band of 60s Sweden was Tages (pronounced “tah-guess”).

The story of Tages began in Gothenburg area. The guys showed some real talent at a young age and performed some covers and a lot of original material written mostly by bassist Göran Lagerberg. Their work resulted in national hits (Sleep Little Girl being the first) and, in time, legendary status as one of Sweden’s most memorable 60s pop groups as well as one of the most respected 60s bands from a non-English speaking country. Their greatest moment may have been their last psychedelic album Studio (1967). Tages were even considered to be Sweden’s answer to The Beatles. However, Tages never managed to break into international markets. The group broke up in 1968 and a new short-lived group Blond was founded.

I checked out YouTube for Tages and found quite a few songs. I would've liked to find more stuff from their later, more psychedelic period more but these songs are definitely not bad. They are actually very good (and you will find the single She's Having a Baby Now from 1967's Studio album here). Catchy songs, sweet melodies, and great harmonies added with the right attitude – perfect stuff for any 60s pop moment.

Sleep Little Girl
Every Raindrop Means a Lot
I Read You Like an Open Book
She’s Having a Baby Now
Get up an’ Get Goin’
True Fine Woman
I’ll Be Doggone
Leaving Here
In My Dreams

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