Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hellogoodbye’s New Stuff

Hey ya’ll who love to get free stuff! Hellogoodbye is offering their latest two-song-and-one-video release free of charge to everyone who joins their email list. This release is called When We First Met. You can get it by going to the band's homepage or MySpace.

I haven’t really listened to Hellogoodbye very much. Maybe I should’ve. Well, there was indeed a time when I was quite hooked on their single Baby It’s Fact. Later I saw the music video and was very charmed… I also enjoyed Here In Your Arms. Strangely, it was a small radio hit in Finland and therefore I almost never really heard it. I don’t listen to the radio. Except Groove FM for soul and disco hits of the past decades.

When We First Met sounds nice – upbeat and melancholic at the same time. Not Ever Coming Home balances the song couple with a more peaceful feel. Melancholy is also present in that song.

The video for When We First Met is very entertaining. Recommended especially for fans of different hairstyles..

When We First Met music video (YouTube)
Hellogoodbye - Official website
Hellogoodbye on MySpace

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