Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Still Alive

The thoughts on melody are back after a long break.

As for the reason for this silence, I wasn't in an optimal position in my personal life for a while. I had also been developing certain writing standards that were getting too high in my mind. I am not a native English speaker and the language will therefore always be what it is but this is not a scientific language blog. I hope it might be closer to a microsociological music blog: a blog about how music influences a person's everyday life.

Music means communication between the artist and the listener as well as between music fans. There might also be some interesting factors in the process of making music, group dynamics etc. However, I don't plan to write comprehensively but perhaps focus on some things I find interesting.

For enthusiasts like me music is not just something you casually listen to. Instead, music affects our perception of the world and some of our choices. People usually act with free will and music is a factor that people use to actively construct reality for themselves. Music is of course used in many ways and for many purposes but I intend to focus mainly on the personal experience, as I have done before.

There is one problem, still. During the past year or so I have hit a wall many times trying to discover new favorites. I used to have a new favorite almost every week or month in the past but now it seems that discovering new music is becoming a bit more like an unpleasant chore. So, usually it is most profitable to follow the path of your old favorites.

Most importantly, now I feel like writing about music again. Writing often inspires deeper reflections than a conversation, and therefore you might capture something you otherwise wouldn't.

One last thing. Whenever I ask people, what new music they would recommend, they don't seem to have any idea, even though they definitely have strong opinions about music and many favorites. Perhaps someone here on the Internet might have an idea.

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