Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tampere Beatles Happening 2014

I must be getting old because I considered for a second not going to Tampere Beatles Happening 2014. However, the second the first band of the Beatlemania show began to play I was so moved by hearing wonderfully melodic 60s music that I knew I had come to the right place. It was time to listen to some of the coolest Beatles and 60s tribute bands.

The first group were the Brothers from Germany. They performed Beatles numbers with both original and new arrangements with absolute skill and dedication. Their strength was in a balanced sound and the most beautiful vocal harmonies and a cappella. The Brothers also apparently have released original music. I think I may check it out.

Jay Goeppner was the most energetic performer of the evening. He was accompanied by the domestic Urban Crow who you might call the host band of the festival. Goeppner attracted most of the attention for being such a happy, brightly American who moves around a lot and shares good spirit to everyone. Focusing on John Lennon songs, Goeppner performed anything from early Beatles numbers to Lennon's most intensive solo material.

The most innovative performance was given by (perhaps the slightly unfortunately named) Russian Puttin' on the Beatles Style who played a really fast-paced set of three-accordion instrumental versions of Beatles songs accompanied by traditional rock band instruments. The virtuosity was amazing. It was easy to recognize the melodies, yet there was plenty of room for improvisation as well.

Then, there was a performance by the Overtures who were once again great but they played the exact same set as a few years ago. A long-standing Beatles and 60s tribute band, their performance is always really professional and they don't follow the original arrangements too strictly, but next time I would appreciate hearing different songs, and, generally speaking, maybe some more interesting choices than Light My Fire, You Really Got Me, and I'm a Believer.

The concluding act was Jiri Nikkinen The Beatles Tribute Band. Jiri Nikkinen is Finland's official Beatles fan and his set included some really interesting rarities. Jiri is such a classy guy.

The Beatles don't seem to attract young people like they used to, but there were indeed some people (like me) whose parents had barely been born when there was a band called the Beatles. The Beatles Happening is a real high-energy event, the most joyful and melodic festival in the whole country. You can't go wrong with that concept.

After five and a half happy (yet physically a bit painful...) hours of partying, it was time to pick up a free copy of a Beatles magazine and go home.


Keiju said...

Hello again. I disagree with the claim that The Beatles don't attract young people like they used to (not speaking of the original 1960s, naturally). In a place like Tampere Beatles Happening, it is the concept of the high-profile festival, and the performers who seem to be mostly older generation themselves (for example, Jiri Nikkinen is 48!), that don't attract. Even I didn't consider participating because of the pricey tickets and the slightly alienating scene.

(Muuten. Käypäs vilkaisemassa osoitetta http://musorgsky.wordpress.com. :D)

Melody Freak said...

Hello to you too and thanks for stopping by. Yeah, of course young people love the Beatles but I haven't met hardly any of them. I could easily gather more people to go see post-modern experimental post-music performers (standing behind their machinery pulling knobs) than to a festival that has something to do with the Beatles.

When a high-profile Beatles festival is the only one you get, I don't mind the international top-notch musicians. Also, 25 € is still a very low price for a festival ticket these days.