Sunday, March 30, 2008

Audio Saccharine

I really enjoy Receiver’s Inspiration Overload (2001). I spotted it in John Borack’s power pop book Shake Some Action – The Ultimate Power Pop Guide (great book!). Borack himself used to play drums in the band, but on Inspiration Overload powerpop queen Lisa Mychols plays all percussions. Mychols also sings background vocals – sounding amazing.

This album was produced by Robbie Rist (who seems to appear quite often in power pop circles) and it’s a very strong collection of 11 catchy, energetic, and sugary songs written by Kenny West and Kerry Chicoine. It’s very loud pop - exactly the kind of stuff I tend to enjoy very, very much. Killer melodies, absolute sweetness, all wrapped up inside those distorted guitars and great riffs. It’s a simple path to happiness.

Oleander is my #1 favourite song on the album, it has pure low-tone magic, and those melodies.. They’re so good. Faster, Wind Up Girl and Inspiration Overload are also amazing tunes, to mention but a few. Also, it’s enchanting for a girl to discover power pop songs that carry your own first name.. Erica Kane is a wonderful tune. It isn’t even the only power pop song with that name (there’s Game Theory’s Erica’s Word, too), which is absolutely cool.

I just can’t get enough of music like this. Audio sugar and loud pop instrumentation– that’s my thing.

Receiver’s Inspiration Overload at (with sound samples)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the kind words! It's nice to know after all these years that people still listen to and appreciate our music.


Melody Freak said...

Wow, I can't believe I'm getting comments from such talented people.. This is huge. I thought no one reads this blog.

Thanks to everyone who's checked out this blog.

J. Borack said...

We were a pretty okay band, weren't we, Kenny?