Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Awesome Stuff from Tim Boykin

[While incessantly listening to The Cars, I surprisingly find myself being able to concentrate on some other music, too. Temporarily, that is…]

Tim Boykin rocks. He knows what great bubblegummy pop should sound like. That is beautiful melodies, loud and jangly guitars, huge harmonies, extremely fresh and chirpy vocals - exactly what we find on The Lolas’ 2004 album Something You Oughta Know.

There are many excellent tracks on this album. I can’t help loving songs like Dana the Chromium Girl, Plenty of Dogs, and It’s You I Want. On Little Deedra Timmeh & The Lolas totally sound like Silver Sun, a British band whose debut album is one of my all-time favourites. Light Up Every Doorway and Something You Oughta Know are oh so pretty. Tim’s Mom is also awesome. Can’t hear what Tim is actually singing, but I guess it isn’t necessary. Listening comprehension is the worst section in my English skills.

Something You Oughta Know contains 15 tracks. Usually that is too much, because albums with more that 10-12 tracks and not a single redundant one are very rare. Unfortunately, this album isn’t one of those perfect creations. There are some tracks that don’t seem to be so very good. But, as always, should we care about the bad sides when we have those amazingly fresh and perfect other songs? We probably should. Please, dear pop songwriters, no more fillers/weaker songs!

Hmm.. I really don’t think we should be so strict. In fact, the whole concept of favourite songs leads us to find certain songs less good than some other songs. If you like a specific song more than some other, you will probably think that the latter is.. not as good as your favourite. Then, those songs that you think aren’t so good might be considered very good by somebody else (who loves them). Man, this is difficult! And I’ve been dreaming about becoming a rock/pop critic…

Maybe I’ll just continue listening to The Cars. That is pure heaven… (until the weaker tracks come – fortunately, I haven’t found many of those yet!)

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