Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Rocking Spangles is a great place for nice music tips. I spotted this album there on the forum and thought I could use some more rocking stuff. Nowadays, I stick to my dear power pop most of the time, so anything great and different is always welcome. Now, I’ve been listening to The Star SpanglesDirty Bomb (2007) for a couple of weeks and I think it’s awesome music.

To be honest, this album isn’t really very different from power pop… I think it actually is power pop most of the time. At some points it surely is rock instead of pop, but that’s a really good thing. I like music with loud, rocking sounds and rocking feel, so it really doesn’t have to be so powerpoppy all the time...

Melodic rock with excellent songs and sounds, solid instrumentation and nice vocals, music that is quite easy to listen to right from the start.. That’s all it takes to thrill me (and I don’t think it actually is that easy…). The Spangles present some very good songwriting on this album. My favourites include e.g. Make Yourself Useful Babe, Gangland, and I’m on a High. Tell Lies is a really entertaining Beatles-meets-Ramones song. This Side of the Sun is fabulous with its wonderfully easy-going beat. For me, that song has already become some sort of a summery anthem. Someone in You is a great ending to the album.

This is so great music. I really wouldn’t mind finding more bands with music that is this good. will probably help me with this a bit… That’s cool.

The Star Spangles at MySpace

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