Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Again

Recently, I have noticed that I don't write blog posts anymore. It is not that I have suddenly become much busier than before, it is mostly just laziness and lack of confidence. I also sometimes think that no one reads this blog which is definitely not true. One thing is for sure: I miss blogging. I used to be happier when I was more active with this blog.

Musically speaking I am still very, very active. I hope to improve my habits and go back to the way things were when I used to write something several times a week. Writing is great therapy – a perfect way to blab as much as you like without having to pour everything on other people. If you decide to read my thoughts, it's your own decision to make. And if someone does read this stuff, it's really awesome. I'd say everyone wins. Life is great... Really!

From now on, I plan to write at least one post per day – perhaps a cool video if I am too busy to blab. If I am traveling or something, I can write more posts beforehand or afterwards. The next story is about what happened earlier this year. It is kind of old news but it is still quite current too.


fairyee...ee... said...

I do read it. :)

Melody Freak said...

Thanks a lot, Fairy. That is really cool! I try to check you RYM every now and then...