Monday, July 19, 2010

Jangly, Bouncy, Catchy = Irresistible

I believe I never mentioned how I discovered the music of Throwback Suburbia? It was of course through Powerpopaholic blog (great blog, check it out!). What I found was an album filled with everything you could hope to hear on a good powerpop album: extremely catchy melodies, jangly sounds and happy, energetic feel.

Throwback Suburbia's debut full-length release (self-titled, 2009) is a rather typical powerpop album: at first you have some doubts.. Some songs for instance may sound familiar but soon notice you can't stop listening to them. I still tend to listen to Throwback Suburbia's debut full-length every now and then and it sounds fresh and encouraging every time. Music like this just makes (and keeps) me happy.

It doesn't have to be any more difficult than this: write 12 excellent songs (with 12 excellent choruses..), add some jangly guitars, basic organ sounds and bittersweetness and there you have it: an irresistible album of bouncy pop-rock. It is a simple recipe, yet not that easy to implement. There is no room for uninteresting material. This album fortunately keeps the standards high all the way. My favorites include, first of all, Same Mistake – obviously! How could you go wrong with a smoothly sweeping drum beat, cute verse melody, organ, Byrds-guitars, excellent background oooh/aaaah vocals, and a killer chorus? Those Byrds-guitars also appear in Rewind, and All about Me.. Oh my, that guitar sound just makes me drool... I also love Halfway to the Stars... Ba bop-ba-daa! You'll Never Know is the coolest ballad, surely, it is one the few ballads on the album.

Yeah. I thought it was good. Now that I think of it, it is even better. Do I have some sort of a jangle obsession or not? And, I will admit it anytime: catchy melodies have a strange power over me.

Thank you, Throwback Suburbia!

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