Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday ToM!

How embarrassing! I forgot that my blog was about to turn one year old. Now I'm already late.. Still, better late than never, they say.

Thoughts on Melody
was born in Helsinki, Finland on February the 4th, 2008, although the idea had be
en bouncing inside my head for some time. During its first year ToM went through a couple of visual changes, moved its headquarters from Helsinki to Tampere and was decorated with about 80 posts and 40 comments. To be honest, that's more posts and comments than I ever expected.

Even though the actual benefits of the publicity of this blog still remain pretty unclear (people just don't tend to comment on things that much), I'm very eager to continue with this little therapy project of mine. There is always something to blab about..

So, congrats to me and my blabber and big thanks to visitors and everyone who's left a comment! Special thanks goes of course to the artists. This blog wouldn't exist without you! You mean a lot to me.

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