Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer!

This blog could use some more twee. Although I still haven’t turned into a twee-activist, I can’t help loving Goodnight Monsters to pieces. This music is something that turns winter into summer in a microsecond. And it’s all Finnish music, and I’ve seen the band live. How cool is that?
Summer Challenge (2008) is the second album by Goodnight Monsters. The song material on the album is all first class. First One on the Beach is a perfect organ-beat song – it just couldn’t get any catchier. Drifting is even more charming, there’s definitely magic in the air. These are all perfect tracks, how could I tell which song is more perfect than some other? Listen to them all and be mesmerized. Keep Me As a Secret, April Fooling, Mockingbird, Interflora Overdrive.. Awesome stuff.

There are quite many fully streamable Goodnight Monsters songs at There are even tracks from their first album The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (2005). Unfortunately, I haven’t listened to it yet (Why haven’t I done that? It must have something to do with those thousands of other albums I’m trying to listen at the same time..), but I definitely intend to check it out at some point. I’ve heard the first album is also really good.

It’s great that days are getting longer here in the north. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the winter darkness too. It’s easier to sleep when it’s not bright all the time.. And before you know it, I will probably be offering you some gothic rock – again - to help adjust to the summer that is soon at hand. At least it helps me..

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