Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Grows (You Know the Rest)

Tony Burrows is the man. He is Britain’s Ron Dante, and probably a lot more. He was a studio singer in the 70s and scored countless hits as lead singer in several bands. He sang in Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man, The Pipkins, and that’s not even all. Once he performed in Top of the Pops as the lead singer of the three first mentioned bands – all of which were guests of the very same TOTP episode, and it resulted in Burrows being banned from the program since the TOTP makers thought the watchers might think it was some sort of a fraud. This didn’t, however, stop Burrows from performing with The Pipkins in the show a few weeks later.
Lately I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Edison Lighthouse, a wonderfully melodic pop group with lots of strings.. Edison Lighthouse – like other Tony Burrows bands - only existed in recording studio and television. That is, in fact, the official recipe of bubblegum success. But anyway, who cares about the fact that Edison Lighthouse wasn’t a real band? It’s the music that counts. You can fool people with many, many ways but you just can’t forge a good song.

Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) sold millions, which is of course a good thing. Good songs should be noticed! I never had heard it myself before I heard a cover version of it by Freedy Johnston about a year ago. As you might guess, Edison Lighthouse and probably every other Tony Burrows band, too, have been labeled “one hit wonder” which isn’t very nice. Edison Lighthouse and others actually have several hit-worthy songs.

In the early 70s record company Bell released numerous singles that were credited to Edison Lighthouse, and other singles credited to Tony Burrows. Most of these singles can be heard on Edison Lighthouse's Best of collection, that nicely seems to be out of print. Luckily, there is YouTube..

I wish more people knew about the greatness of Tony Burrows bands! The situation might not be all bad, though. In Finland, for instance, probably everyone is familiar with the Finnish version of Tony Burrows single Every Little Move She Makes (Elämältä kaiken sain), performed by Pepe Willberg, but I'm not sure if hardly anyone has heard Love Grows.

Finally, here are some of my favourite Edison Lighthouse/Tony Burrows songs. Don’t mind the videos (or lack of them), just listen to the music! I picked the ones that had the best sound quality. While you listen to them, I’ll just move on to White Plains.. And the other bands.

Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (YouTube)

Every Little Move She Makes (YouTube)
Find Mr. Zeebedee (YouTube)
In the Bad Bad Old Days (The Foundations cover, YouTube)


Curty Ray said...

Thanks for this great bit of trivia


Melody Freak said...

Thank you too! It's really nice to know that at least someone is interested.. And now that I remember, I'd also like to thank you for mentioning me in PPO's links!