Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pre-Listen to My First Band’s New Album

I encountered domestic My First Band last fall when they performed live at Lost in Music festival. I enjoyed the gig very much and liked the band’s sound. Their first full-length album will be released on February the 11th, and the band is now offering a one-week pre-listening opportunity at MySpace.

The album is called You Look so Bored and it contains the current single Why Do You Treat Me so Bad. At MySpace you can also watch the video for the song. My First Band has appeared on Finnish television and radio, which has surely spread the word and made people pay attention to the band. The album will only be released in Finland for now.

Check out the music if you don’t mind melodic, synth-flavoured pop-rock. I intend to listen to this album carefully. You can also join the band’s Facebook group for latest news. Most of the information is in Finnish.

My First Band at MySpace

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