Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Stuff from Locksley

A couple of days ago I noticed Locksley is giving out free music in EP form. This three-song EP is part of a MySpace campagne called “Wendy’s Fresh Faces”. Well, Locksley are definitely fresh (and beatlesque!) and I did enjoy their debut album Don’t Make Me Wait. The sophomore album Be In Love (cover on the left) has already been released in Japan and a US release will follow on January 26th. I will surely check this one out too.

This free EP contains two songs from the first album and one song from the new album (Darling, It’s True). A quick look at the band’s MySpace revealed that there definitely isn’t shortage of video material or streamable music there. Something to do for the holidays, perhaps...

Grab the EP (click the “free music download here!” banner on the right)
Locksley on MySpace


Anonymous said...

Dear MF,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year! Let's keep our fingers crossed for new material from Sun Sawed in 1/2 and The Wondermints in 2010. Keep up the great work with your always interesting blog.

- Eric in Maryland

P.S. I highly reccommend the new Dylan Mondegreen "The World Spins On" CD which I've been listening to steadily for the last several weeks.

Melody Freak said...

Thank you and Happy Christmas to you too! The new SS1/2 stuff is going to be awesome. I know it - I've already heard some of the songs... But yeah, let's hope it gets finished in schedule.

Eric, I'd like to thank you for your support. I'm honored, really. English is a foreign language to me so I'm constantly worrying about the contents and mistakes and saying things that mean something totally different than what I'm trying to express. That is why it is really great to hear that I'm managing well with the blog.

Also thanks for the Dylan Mondegreen tip. A Norwegian popster.. That's cool. I'll listen to more of his music soon.