Thursday, December 10, 2009

White Christmas?

Ahh.. Christmas is closing fast, so it’s time for pre-Christmas parties (“Little Christmas”, as we Finns say). The obvious music choice for pre-Christmas parties is of course Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift for You. Dubbed “the best Christmas album in the world” by numerous people the album is a perfect soundtrack for anyone who enjoys traditional Christmas feel and Christmas carols, as well as Phil Spector’s classic wall of sound.

No matter how you happen to be feeling, this album will make anyone feel Christmassy right from the start. The carols are of course performed by Phil Spector’s fabulous artists such as The Ronettes, The Crystals, and Darlene Love. This album is pure magic… Put it on and bang, it’s Christmas!

When it comes to the post heading, in southern Finland white Christmas has not manifested quite yet... Strangely, there was more snow in November than there has been in December. Looking out of the window I however just noticed that there was a thin layer of snow on the ground. Well, there’s plenty of time for it to melt… We’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

I wish everyone an optimistic pre-Christmas season! Here is another gorgeous Christmas carol. It belongs to my every Christmas.

Happy Xmas (YouTube)


Anonymous said...

Dear MF,

Where to start? OK, I went back this week and listened again to Rapple Dapple by The Greenberry Woods (in fact, I listened to it twice) and while overall I enjoy the CD, I must confess there's nothing that really jumps out at me or necessarily reminds me of SS in 1/2.

However, it was an easy next step to listen again to one of my favorite CD's Pet Soul by Splitsville. (It was through my discovery years ago of Splitsville that I backtracked to find The Greenberry Woods.) Pet Soul definetly has more in common with Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys than it does with Rubber Soul by The Beatles - nevertheless, I absolutely love it! In fact, if I were The Explorer's Club I think this is the record I would play to warm-up the crowd.

Continuing in a Baltimorian frame of mind, I next jammed out one morning on my way to work listening to the first Myracle Brah CD, the peculiarly titled: Life On Planet Eartsnop. 20 short snappy songs of nonstop crunchy guitar goodness!

Mixed in there somewhere, since I was travelling down a nostaglic path, I also dug out my copy of Afternoon Tea by The Brown Eyed Susans and gave a listen to an old favorite that once enjoyed a period of quite heavy rotation.

When you mention 60's bubblegum music it makes me think especially of bands like The Archies or the 1910 Fruitgum Company or songs like "Dizzy" or "Build Me Up Buttercup". Whispering: So yeah, I think it's probably fair to say that I've a lifetime addiction to sugary three-minute pop songs!

Speaking of which, allow me once again to put in a mention for Dodgy (esp. their album entitled: Homegrown); The Pearlfishers (esp. Across the Milkyway & The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies); and the first self-titled Valley Lodge CD.

Have a great week! Eric

PS. I love your choice of Chirstmas music.

Melody Freak said...

Hello Eric! Yeah, I suppose everyone hears these musical similarities and non-similarities differently. Therefore everyone is not going to hear Greenberry Woods in SS1/2's power pop... For me it just coincidentally went that way.

Pet Soul is awesome, a magnificent tribute to some of the greatest 60s stuff. Explorers Club, on the other hand, is also cool but perhaps starting to sound like Beach Boys too much.. I understand it is great fun sounding exactly like the Beach Boys - I agree to that - but more original sound might be a cooler choice in the long run. Like Tim Rose's material and SS1/2 - Brian Wilson is definitely there somewhere but the influence doesn't jump at your face.

Myracle Brah was a huge thing for me a few years ago. I found "Super Automatic", a collection that included the best of the first three albums. I was very impressed by Andy Bopp's melancholic songs - and obviously the crunchiness, too. It might be interesting to check out his most recent material.

I have a serious addiction to 60s bubblegum music. For me, it is in fact quite necessary weekly therapy to listen to songs like "Chewy Chewy" and "Feeling so Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O.)" - it is such happy stuff and SO sugary! You know, there simply isn't such a thing as "too sweet" - or "too happy" for that matter... I also think the Sun Sawed in 1/2 is the greatest bubblegum pop band ever.

Thanks for music tips. I hope to check out as many of them as I can. I haven't had time to listen to nearly as much stuff as I would have wanted but, after all, I have been listening to power pop bands only about 6,5 years. Anyway, I have to mention that I watched Dodgy's music video for "Staying out for the Summer" and loved it. So, I'm definitely working on Dodgy now...

Have a good week you too!