Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Opening Heaven’s Doors Again

I really want to mention this release. It has been too many years since there was a new album by Wondermints but that it about to change - sort of. A new CD has already been released both in the UK and US. This release is called Kaleidoscopin’ - Exploring Prisms Of the Past. It is a collection of rarities: demos, covers, songs from various compilations, etc. The CD comes with cool photo material and liner notes written by the band. I’m looking forward to get the CD. Didn’t find it in my mailbox yet but I’m hoping to get it for Christmas…

Wondermints and their wondrous psychedelic pop have influenced me very much. Their jangly, dreamy, melodic music has made a huge impression on me and guided me to the right direction in my search for the loveliest pop music. I found out about Wondermints in 2004 when I was listening to Brian Wilson’s SMiLE. Soon Wondermints became a very dear thing for me. I think they held the position of my #1 favorite band for some time… I listened to all their albums, including the cover album The Wonderful World of the Wondermints – loved that one too and slowly started discovering the original versions of those songs (many of which were new to me). The first album (Wondermints, 1995) is of course my favorite, pure greatness from beginning to end.

These Wondermints guys should really get back together. I bet they have some new material in their drawers already… It’s been years after all. I have heard they have had some problems with logistics – which is of course no reason to quit! Playing with Brian Wilson’s band must be extremely rewarding, but dear Wondermintitos, why not record a new album sometime? I know, there have been lots of interesting side projects and stuff but pop fans all over the world would be absolutely thrilled if you decided to record a new Wondermints album.

What if I ask nicely? Please…

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