Monday, December 14, 2009

Webstirs Video “Wesley Station”

Check out this video from Chicago band The Webstirs. It was released quite recently – in September if I’m correct. It is their debut video and a really nice tune. Flowers, listening to vinyl LPs, power poppin’ hooks… It’s a combination of summer and the feeling of a great band playing live in your living room. Trumpets are of course very hip, too. Someone said that everything sounds better with horns. Can’t argue with that!

I really should listen to this band more – I intend to do just that. The material on MySpace sounds very good. I don’t know much about the Webstirs, except that there are some fabulous guys in the band, and that they have fabulous friends... Well, I’m already starting to get into the music as I’m listening to them now. Geez, I really dig the sound of Big Break. And What Do You Believe. Awesome!

The Webstirs website
The Webstirs on MySpace
The Webstirs Facebook fan page

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