Saturday, February 9, 2008

Candy in the Sun

Swirl 360 is one interesting band. Originally there were only two people in it, the founder brothers Kenny and Denny Scott. Later, the group expanded into a four-piece band, and in 2007 the band was renamed. They are now called Echo Jet.

I’ve recently found myself listening to Swirl 360’s debut album Ask Anybody (1998) quite often. The main reason is the fact that these 13 songs are damn catchy! Everything here is very solid. Singing is great, playing is great, songs are very good.

What is special about this Ask Anybody album is that many of the songs feature programmed drums, which is (as long as I’m aware) not often heard on powerpop albums. In fact, the whole of this album sounds very programmed, which could easily lead people to find this music largely over-produced. Actually, this is the first album in a long time that I’ve listened to that reminds me so much of Backstreet Boys–kind-of recordings… You know, I used to loooove Backstreet Boys when I was 12-13 years old. Actually, I still like them a bit, ‘cause it’s melodic music and their sweet love ballads are just fabulous.

The opening track of Ask Anybody, Candy in the Sun, is a very nice and energetic song. It gives summery vibes. I can’t name many specific favourites because I like all of these songs. The title track Ask Anybody, though, must be the catchiest song of all. It’s simply magnificent. Ken Stringfellow even co-wrote it.

Despite Swirl 360, I feel I’m drifting towards country music this evening… Right now I’m giving spins to The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons and The Byrds. We’ll see what this leads to…

Swirl 360 at MySpace
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