Thursday, February 28, 2008

They Haunt Me Still

I really enjoy the music of The Bigger Lovers. They were a wonderful group that released three albums in the 2000s. The Bigger Lovers don’t really represent the ultimate party/summer fun side of power pop. Their music is atmospheric and occasionally contains quite interesting sounds and arrangements. It’s fresh, melodic, melancholic, pretty and bittersweet - real power pop!

Again, I must say that my idea of The Bigger Lovers is based only on two of their three albums. Their last album is the one I still haven’t checked out. However, I love the first two. I started with Honey in the Hive (2002) for a year ago or so. I soon noticed that the album contained really amazing songs.

Half Richard’s
is great and bittersweet. The crazy drums in the song are perfect. It’s like endless Keith Moon fills from the beginning to the end – what a treat! The second track is even better: A Simple 'How Are You' totally hooked me. The amazing drum beat combined with Bret Tobias’s quiet and charming singing, the very twee synth line in the chorus and the metallic guitars is pure pleasure. Actually, it’s so powerful that it basically makes me shiver.

and They Haunt Me Still are really haunting songs by Bret Tobias. Don’t Know Why and What Would It Take make a perfect song double and they’re sung by the great Scott Jefferson. I think the chorus of Don’t Know Why captures something amazing and unique. It’s that organ and the slightly melancholic feel… You can’t really describe it, you have to feel it. Jefferson also does some excellent work on the happy Make Your Day. I’d say that the music of The Bigger Lovers is summery and winterly at the same time.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying (2001) is my more recent affection. The first thing that has to be said about this album are the exciting sounds. It took me a while to get used to them, but now I’m convinced that they’re good. The album sounds quite different from your basic power pop: the traditional jangle sounds are mixed with atmospheric vocal effects and lots of echo. The result is a bit confusing but also very beautiful, and again chilly but warm at the same time.

My favourite songs of the album include I’m Here, Forever Is Not So Long, Steady on Threes, Summer (of Out First Hello) and the lovely country-tingled ending track Out of Sight. These favourites will surely change a bit as I listen to this album more.

The music of The Bigger Lovers isn’t the easiest kind of power pop you’ll find but it surely is rewarding. The charm of this music will never run out.

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