Friday, February 15, 2008

Cartoon Popsters from Minneapolis

Anybody interested in power pop should check out The VandaliasMach V (1995). The Vandalias were a power pop cartoon band in the 90s. They created some great pop and starred in a comic book. The core of The Vandalias, Dan Sarka and Kent Militzer, continued making music in another band called Stingray Green. I haven’t checked them out yet, but I probably should. Apparently, they are going to play their final gig at IPO on 4th of May. Wonder what comes next…

Mach V is a very strong album with 14 songs on it. I’d Be a Boy is heavenly, Hey Now (Motor City) is brilliant and Mighty Song of Joy is excellent, starting with a tempting rock’n’roll guitar riff. To me, Build This House is the highlight of this album: an excellent arrangement is combined with some of the prettiest melodies one could ever imagine. In fact, the strong element that holds the whole of Mach V together is the wonderful sentimentality that shows basically all over the album.

The title track Mach V, in my opinion, is a great example of how power pop mixes very loud, distorted guitar sounds, very beautiful melodies and melancholy together. On the other hand, Cathy’s Back appears to be a quite different song. It contains nice wah-wah sounds and overall a much lighter arrangement. The song also sounds happy and sad at the same time, which I think is a feature that appears in many power pop songs. So, to cut a long story short, Mach V album contains some nice musical variation.

One more thing… I have to say that I really like the singing voice of The Vandalias’ lead singer JimJim Vandalia (the voice is provided by Dan Sarka). Again, one very expressive and high-pitched voice, somewhat unusual, too… And really cute!

Some day I’ll probably muse about The Vandalias’ second album Buzzbomb! when I’ve given it enough spins.

The Vandalias at MySpace
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